Unlimited Data

 Packages up to 25Mbps

High Speed

Low Latency (great for gaming)

No Overage Charges 

Incredible Support

Wifinity is a provider of high quality, fast, and reliable wireless Internet access to urban and rural users in and around Liberal, Bronaugh, and Moundville, MO. There has been a lack of reliable options in this area and we are looking to fill that gap. We aim to provide our customers with the speeds they need for todays bandwidth intensive application such as Netflix, Youtube, and gaming as well as providing businesses with the reliability they need to remain productive day in and day out.

We seek to provide our customers with an unmatched customer service experience. We are local and part of your community. We started this business since all other options in this area provided us inadequate service when we were a customer. We finally grew tired of the terrible service provided by the other isps in the area and we decided to do something about it. If you become one of our customers, we will do everything in our power to get you Internet service and we will make sure you stay happy. We will treat you the way we want to be treated when we do business with a company.

Check out our packages and feel free to give us a call at 888-843-7100. We look forward to serving you and turning your Internet experience into a positive modern day adventure.

Wifinity was born in 2017 by three friends, Paul Stebbins, Jeremy Goodell, and Brad Butler. In early 2017, a discussion was had about the lack of quality providers to rural users in and around the Liberal area. If service was available, the support for said service was not up to par. As two of the founders are local residents to this area, all of the available options have been tried and found to be unsatisfacory. So, a point was reached, and it was determined that enough was enough. We decided that we can do it better, and we started some investigation and a business model to see if the product could be sustained. Turns out, we are not the only ones who feel this way about the current options. We decided to invest and to proceed with creating a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) named Wifinity to provide area residents and businesses with Internet service.

Today, we have two tower sites deployed and at least 6 more sites planned. Although we are a small startup, we have a major focus on quality service and incredible support. We want you to be able to actually use the service that you purchase from us, and hopefully, if we do our job well, you will be happy to tell your friends and family about us. We aim to break the mold of the standard service provided by the name brands. We care about the rural user because we are the rural user. We want to make sure you don’t have the same experience with your ISP that we did. We are here to fix the Internet issues in this area and in the regions we plan to expand into. We are utilizing the latest wireless technology and will stay on top of the ever changing wireless landscape to keep providing you with the best product available at an affordable price.


We are speed

We are service

We are support

We are Internet

We are Wifinity!