Update 06/13/2017:
We have been hard at work organizing our system, engineering our infrastructure, and installing our network. While there have been a few setbacks, we have persevered and continue to move on to live. Wifinity has a few test clients in place on a test connection and we have been working out the best way to serve the areas listed below. We have signed contracts on our high speed connectivity and are in the process of getting that installed while also building out our first location which we are calling the Kirby tower. Any wild guesses where that location is? Once Kirby is online in a few weeks, we will immediately begin on-boarding clients and moving on to building out our next location(s). Thanks for hanging in there while we are working. We hope and plan on providing an incredible product with exceptional service, both of which seem to be a minority in this area.

Wifinity was set into motion after several conversations among the 3 co-founders of the company.  It’s no great secret that Internet service in the rural Liberal, Bronaugh, and Moundville areas is an exercise in futility. The speeds are either slow, the service unreliable, the price too high, the data capped, or all of the above.  With 2 of the 3 co-founders being very tech savvy I.T. engineers and the other being a rather good looking lad and not at all vain (me), but not being too scared to climb a ladder, the 3 friends decided that with Gods blessing they could start a business that would provide a great service to many of their own family and friends.

How are we different from other internet service providers:

First of all, we have no data caps:  Data caps in todays day and age?? You’ve got to be kidding. Data shouldn’t be capped, that’s like capping how many times you can smile in a day.

Reliability:  You shouldn’t have to restart your router every time you want to surf the internet.  You should have the speeds you pay for all the time, not just from 3-6 a.m.  You get what you pay for with Wifinity.

Customer Service:  Have you ever called tech support only to talk to a gentleman named Sam who can hardly speak English? Or be told that they will call you back and never do?  The 3 co-founders set forth to become a wireless Internet service provider that sets the standard for exemplary customer service and honest business practices.

Cutting edge technology and Increased Speed:  Many of the problems with the current Internet service providers in the area is that their technology is dated.  Recent advances in wireless data equipment have made it possible to provide exceptional reliability comparable to wired connections as well as increases in the ability to provide advanced speeds.

How are we the same as YOU:

Wifinity’s founders are family oriented Christians; though far from perfect, take direction from God when making decisions not just in business but in our daily lives as well.  We look forward to serving you and hope that we become a blessing to you.

We ask that you pray for us as we build a business that is God centered.

Paul Stebbins